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In 1841 the innovation of cutting large slates transformed educational practices from individual to group experiences through the introduction of the chalkboard. Today the situation is quite similar: engineering students are relying on PC-based individual work. Technologically and pedagogically state of the art distance teaching programs aim, however, at collaborative work through asynchronous teaching, periodic meetings for maintaining a social dimension, and often Audio-Video and Data (AVD) communications. Current AVD systems force teachers to manipulate complex equipment while teaching and mostly exchange freeze-frames, as opposed to dynamic data, due to bandwidth and image quality limitations. To deploy AVD communications in engineering education at a large scale, new didactical approaches are required.

AVD-Merge proposes the development of new pedagogical frameworks, a knowledge base of organized expert and collective end user knowledge on best practices, technical advise, and didactical methodologies, and eLearning programs targeting teaching staff on the effective integration of AVD communication in the teaching process. The project results will benefit both teachers and students, who are the ultimate recipients of effective teaching. After project completion, the knowledge base will be partly sustained by a network of experts, teachers, and end users who will provide value-adding content through the provided services. The AvdMerge informational leaflet provides an overview of the project objectives.

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