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The project aims to develop an independent open European AVD knowledge base supported by a multilingual infrastructure for the best utilization of AVD communication services in pedagogical frameworks for Technical, Engineering and Natural sciences education, including Technical training (ENT).

The AvdMerge informational leaflet provides an overview of the project objectives.

  • The development, validation, dissemination, and support for new pedagogical models and frameworks for distance learning, including teaching practices and the support of varying learning styles during interactive distributed distance teaching in ENT.

  • Didactical implementation and recommendations on state of the art application of AVD communication services in Engineering and Natural Sciences teaching.

  • Delivery of an AVD training program aimed at teaching and administrative staff and covering the use of new real time communication environments adopted for eLearning in ENT. The program will further provide success criteria stressing the significance of organizational endorsement at all levels. Engineering students may also select the parts of the program as optional subjects.

  • Diffusion of objective independent expert knowledge on best practices in pedagogy and up-to-date technological know-how as a significant counterbalance to the often-biased information provided by the AV industry sales force.

  • Delivery of online services for the integration of new technology developments into AVD training.

  • Long term sustainability through services that support the on-line accumulation of end-user collective knowledge on best practices, technological developments, pedagogical methods, interoperability of composite equipment, etc.

  • Support for maximum dissemination in different technological cultural contexts through multilingual text interfaces.

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